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Easy clean, anti-slip, protective coating solutions for a wide range of industries and applications

Our coatings are used worldwide in a variety of industries. Our coating solutions can clean and protect all kinds of surfaces including internal and external glass, brick, ceramics, plastic, tiles, stainless steel, wood, etc.

King Grip anti slip

King Grip

Introducing King Grip - The Ultimate Non-Slip Coating for all surfaces.

Slippery surfaces are very dangerous and can cause all sorts of problems for both the  owners of the building and the person suffering a fall.

King Grip is a revolutionary non-slip coating that can be retro applied to almost any surface offering an independent test rating of R12 based on BS7976 Pendulum test Values (PTV). 

Add to this the fact that the product is fused with Anti-microbial and Anti-bacterial properties, King Grip offers all you need for a safer environment.

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The Ultimate Easy Clean coating with added Anti-Microbial properties, tested to reduce SARS-COV-2* > 73.7% after 2 hours.

Manufactured to treat: Glass – Acrylic – Plastics – Tiles – Metals – PVC.

Treated surfaces will become both Hydrophobic and Oleophobic.

King 10 comes with a 10-year warranty to keep surfaces looking like new and making them easy to clean.

It also massively reduces water usage and there is no need for harsh chemicals when cleaning.

Add to this the fact that the product is fused with anti-microbial properties, King 10 offers all you need for low maintenance surfaces.

Unlike other products available on the market, King 10 is a water-based product and is environmentally friendly.

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King 10 non stick coating for glass
anti graffiti

King Anti-Graffiti

King Anti-Graffiti is available for both porous and non-porous surfaces.

Non-porous surfaces include: Aluminium - Powder Coating – Stainless Steel – Plastic – Acrylics – Vinyl – Glass

Porous surfaces include: Brick – Stone – Wood – Marble.

King Anti-Graffiti is environmentally friendly both in terms of its design and the surfaces it protects.

As well as protection from graffiti, King Anti-Graffiti will make the surface easy to clean.

Paints, pens and adhesives will simply wash off the treated surfaces with very little effort using just soapy water. There will be no need to use harsh chemicals and copious amounts of water in order to clean the surface. Treated areas will leave no ghosting behind once cleaned.

For surfaces that have a high volume of human contact or touch you can add our Anti-Microbial ingredient which will protect from SARS-Covid based on ISO21702:2019 independent testing.

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King Marine is the perfect solution for massively reducing maintenance, downtime and cleaning cycles both internally and externally saving valuable downtime.

Our specially formulated, fast curing, durable coating is designed to resist corrosion and other environmental factors.

Advanced technologies leave marine surfaces both protected and easy clean.


King Marine protective coatings
King Easy Clean coating solutions


Manufactured to treat non-porous surfaces such as: Aluminium - Powder Coating - Stainless Steel - Plastic - Acrylics - Vinyl - Glass.

King Easy-Clean is environmentally friendly both in design and the surfaces it protects.

King Easy-Clean is applied mainly to new or nearly new surfaces, it will protect the integrity of surfaces and make them easy to clean. However, will not change the aesthetics of the treated surfaces.

Treated surfaces will become both Hydrophobic and Oleophobic.

For high traffic (touchable surfaces) our Anti-bacterial non-leaching products can be infused for extra protection.



King Anti-Microbial protects against mould and bacteria. Treated services will experience 60% less mould growth compared to uncoated surfaces. Laboratory trials and tests have been carried out to BS3900 Part 6. Furthermore, King Anti-Microbial has been tested to ISO22196:2011 showing a bacterial reduction of 99.9% (Escherichia Coli and Staphylococcus) over a 24 hour period. Test conditions carried out in an environment that is specifically designed to grow mould and similar contaminants, i.e. the harshest test environment possible, thereby highlighting the incredible anti-microbial nature of King Anti-Microbial.


King Anti Microbial
King Fabric protective coatings


King Fabric is designed to provide stain repellent and Anti-microbial properties to textiles and leather surfaces. It is water based and environmentally friendly.

The coating makes surfaces easy to clean with the added protection of anti-microbial properties. Water and oils will bead on the treated surfaces and are easily wiped away or soaked up with paper towels, reducing the need for deep cleaning or use of chemicals.



Protective coating solutions for solar panels

King PV is the perfect solution to increase your yield on your Solar PV installation.

King PV has been engineered specifically for the renewable energy sector to increase output whilst reducing the need for high cleaning cycles and removing the need to use harsh chemicals.

King PV is a low-cost easy wipe on application. If your panels are in need of a clean, we would recommend using our King PV Cleaner.


King PV Coatings for solar panels
King Auto protective coatings for cars


King Auto offers a selection of the very best ceramic coatings. Coating Kings are leading specialists in our field and only use the very highest quality mix in our finished products. Products offered:

King Ceramic Glass: Improves visibility in all conditions, reduces build-up of road film and makes your automotive glass easy to clean all year round.

King Ceramic Wheel: Keeps your wheels looking clean, makes them easy to clean and protects them from brake dust and other contaminants.

King Ceramic Trim: Protects new trims as well as bringing older trims back to life. Protects from UV fading and, like most Coating Kings products, makes the surface easy to clean.

King Ceramic Paint: Makes your whole transport both Hydrophobic and Oleophobic, protects external surfaces from traffic films and both organic and inorganic staining.



Protective coating solutions for patios

King Patio is the perfect solution for protecting your outdoor paving and patio furniture.

King Patio can treat most paved areas and also decking and wood, provided the surface has a porous element.

King Patio is an spray-on application. If the surface has some age, it can be cleaned with our King patio cleaners to restore the surface.


King Patio protective coating solutions

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