King Marine - the ultimate range of protective coating products for the marine industry specialising in solutions for cruise ships.

King Easy clean coating

King Easy Clean

The King Easy Clean coating is the perfect solution for reducing maintenance, downtime, and cleaning cycles in both internally & externally saving valuable downtime. This fast-curing, durable coating is designed to resist corrosion and other environmental factors, all while making cleaning and maintenance a breeze. With King Easy Clean, you can rest assured that your surfaces have the advanced coating technology they need!

King Antimicrobial

King Antimicrobial is the perfect solution for any Cruise Ship. Its antimicrobial properties reduce the buildup of bacteria, while the built-in tracer technology allows easy detection of the coating on the surface to ensure the perfect coverage and all round protection. With cruise ships being an enclosed environment and susceptible to spread of bacteria, King Antimicrobial is a valuable solution in offering antimicrobial protection to multiple environments within the Cruise Ship environment.

King Antimicrobial for cruise ships
KingGrip Anti slip floor coating

King Grip

The KING GRIP Anti Slip Floor Coating is a hard wearing, long lasting solution for multiple environments and applications. It provides superior grip and slip resistance to keep your floors safe and slip-free. KING GRIP also has an antimicrobial coating to help combat bacteria and other germs to keep your facility clean and hygienic. With its superior durability and anti-slip properties, KING GRIP Anti Slip Floor Coating is the perfect choice for Cruise Ships that have large foot traffic on a constant basis.