Coating Kings provides antimicrobial technologies for the health industry protecting a wide range of surfaces from bacteria and mould!

anti microbial

King Antimicrobial

King Antimicrobial is a revolutionary new product, perfect for housing associations and local authorities struggling with mould. This high-performance coating is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and features built in tracer technology to detect its presence on the surface. Providing maximum protection, the King Antimicrobial is extremely long lasting and durable, giving you peace of mind for years to come.

Mould Protection

King Antimicrobial has been put through laboratory testing to to BS3900 Part G6 showing mould growth to be a minimum of 60% less on a coated surface compared to a non-coated surface (test available on request) with the test environment being one that is specifically designed to grow mould and similar contaminants highlighting the incredible antimicrobial nature of the coating.

Mould protection
anti microbial

Tracer Technology

The coatings utilise an advanced tracer additive technology which is is used as part of the formulations of the coatings and provides 2 main benefits:
1. As the coating contains the tracer additive it reduces the chances of the product being imitated by competition.
2. The tracer additive allows us to confirm that the coating is still present on the surface and therefore the antimicrobial properties of the coating are still there. Any areas that the coating is not present can have the product re-applied to.

How does it work?

A specially designed laser pen is used to cause particles within the coating to shake. This shaking of the particles produces energy which in turn shows up as a green light indicator on the surface that can be seen without specialist equipment.