From easy clean to anti-graffiti, COATING KINGS provide coating solutions to solve everyday problems from unsightly graffiti to hard to maintain and clean substrates. Check out our range of products suited for the construction industry below.

King Anti-Graffiti

King Anti Graffiti is split into 2 formulations to provide you with incredible protection on both porous surfaces such as brick and wood and non-porous surfaces such as glass and powder coating.

King Anti Graffiti protects multiple surfaces from many different types of graffiti attacks including spray paint, permanent marker pen, posters & flyers.

Both coating formulations are a one-pack coating that allow for easy graffiti removal using environmentally friendly graffiti removers or simply water and pH Neutral cleaners in some cases.

The Anti Graffiti formulations are non-sacrificial meaning graffiti can be removed again and again without having to replace the coating.

The coating covalently bonds with the underlying substrate providing durable year round protection lasting upwards of 10 years depending on substrate and application environment. To add to this the coating will help to extend the life of the substrate by protecting it from the elements.

anti graffiti

King Anti-Microbial

The King Antimicrobial is a revolutionary new product, perfect for housing associations and local authorities struggling with mould. This high-performance coating is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and features built in tracer technology to detect its presence on the surface. Providing maximum protection, the King Antimicrobial is extremely long lasting and durable, giving you peace of mind for years to come.

King Easy-Clean

With the impact on the environment so important now more than ever, Coating Kings have developed a range of coatings for multiple surfaces including glass, metal, plastic, powder coating and more than provide a long lasting hydrophobic easy clean finish. With the coating applied you will have a number of benefits from reduced water and harsh chemical usage during cleaning to less cleaning cycles and less time taken during the cleaning process. This has a positive impact on both the environment and efficiency when carrying out cleaning tasks.

King Easy Clean
King Grip anti slip


KingGrip will turn almost any surface into a Non Slip surface offering a very high grade of Slip resistance. This incredible technology is mostly used on Shower trays - Floor tiles - Glass Floors - Marble Flooring - Stairs and much more.

KingGrip brings safety to your home and business. Trusted by some of the largest Hotel Groups, Care Facilities, Ship Builders and Facility Management companies in the world, KingGrip is your No1 option for safety.

King Grip can be Roll Applied onto smaller areas 1 to 2 M2 or Sprayed by our Technical Applicators for larger areas.

KingGrip is independently tested by testing institutions around the world to reach the highest safety accreditation from R12, Class C , P5 to name a few. Further more KingGrip is certified to be Antimicrobial and Anti-fungal - ISO 22196 and ISO 846.

Who can benefit from applying KingGrip?

Hotels - Residential Homes - Spas - Care Facilities - Swimming pools - Kitchens (both Commercial & Residential) - Bathrooms - Showers - Baths and Flooring - Marine - Restaurants - Event Organisers - All Roofing - Marble and Natural Stone Floorings - Staircases- Metal- Wooden- Painted - Patio Tiles - all types

No need for Harsh Chemicals when cleaning , simply clean with warm soapy water and a brush.

For your and your customers Safety KingGrip is your No1 choice.

King 10

King 10 is an Invisible not stick coating that protects Glass - Stainless Steel & Tiled surfaces from Etching & Staining as well as making these surfaces Easy to Clean. Once applied the Surface will become Hydrophobic as well as Oleophobic, this means the surface will be protected from Water damage as well as oils and other contaminants found daily in house and also externally.

Once treated the product is Chemically inert meaning it can not be broken down with the day to day cleaning and exposure to contaminants it is food safe and your surfaces will remain new looking for years to come.

All Organic and inorganic substances will only be able to sit on the treated surface making them easy to clean as well as reducing finger print marks.

King 10 comes with a minimum 10 Year Manufactures Warranty

Use King 10 on all Glass Shower Screens - External Glass - All Stainless Steel Appliances in the home and even you Stainless Steel Barbecue.

If you want your Wall and Floor Tiles to stay clean for longer and easy clean you can treat these also.

King 10 is used on some of the Worlds iconic Building and projects including the Cruise Ship Industry which face some of the toughest conditions with Sea Salt being a major problem.

King 10 can only be supplied by a Certified Applicator and the results are amazing.

King 10 non stick coating for glass