About Coating Kings

Easy clean, anti-slip and protective coating solutions for most surfaces

Coating Kings have over thirty years experience within our chosen industry. We offer technical, application and maintenance support for our products.

Our coatings have applications worldwide in a variety of industries, ranging from marine, manufacturing and construction industries to health and automotive industries. Our coating solutions can clean and protect all kinds of surfaces including internal and external glass, brick, ceramics, plastic, tiles, stainless steel, wood, etc. Our revolutionary anti-microbial coatings with built in tracer technology provide long lasting protection against mould and bacteria and are widely used in hospitals and health facilities. Durable ceramic coating solutions provide a protective finish for car trims and wheels in the car industry. Our anti-slip coatings turn almost any surface into a non-slip surface and are widely used indoor and out on all kinds of floors and stairs in hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, showers, baths, swimming pools, etc.

Coating Kings products allow you, the customer, to protect and preserve most substrates. They provide for easy cleaning and result in surfaces that last longer, thereby helping to reduce waste with less spending on both cleaning and replacement products. This not only brings benefit to our environment but also saves thousands of pounds in expenditure.

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Environmental impact

Environmental Impact

Through reduced water usage, cleaning cycles and the much reduced need for harsh chemicals whether it be during the graffiti removal or general cleaning. Using the Coating Kings range of products gives you the opportunity to positively contribute towards the environment.

Cost saving

Cost Saving

Less down time, less cleaning chemicals, reduced cleaning times and frequency all lead to a cost saving. When you take into account the Coating Kings solutions lasting years not just a few days, the cost savings can be significant.

Substrate Longevity

Substrate Longevity

Due to the incredible protective properties achieved with Coating Kings products, substrates have year round protection whether they be external or internal leading to assets lasting longer and less need for replacement.



Whilst looks aren't everything, the Coating Kings protective coatings ensure your surfaces keep their "as new" look far longer than an uncoated surface giving you something to smile about every time you glance at your Coating Kings protected assets.


Using the latest coating technologies to create a positive environmental change through:

  • Reducing water usage
  • Minimising use of chemicals
  • Helping substrates last longer